Paul Ruvolo

Research Interests

For a description of my current research direction and interest, please see the OCCaM frontpage.



[40] Behind the robot’s smiles and frowns: In social context, people do not mirror android’s expressions but react to their informational value
   with Galit Hofree, Audrey Reinert, Marian S. Bartlett, and Piotr WinkielmanFrontiers in Neuroscience 2018
[39] Autonomous sailing for blind sailors using GPS
   with Kaitlyn Kiel, Alex Morrow, and John GeddesOCEANS 2017
[38] Sensing sail luffing by detection of sail shape
   with Rebecca Jordan, and Alex MorrowOCEANS 2017
[37] How Do Faculty Partner While Teaching Interdisciplinary CS+X Courses: Models and Experiences
   with Darakhshan Mir, Sumita Mishra, Lori Pollock, and Sam EngenJournal of Computing Sciences in Colleges
[36] Dude, Where's My Robot?: A Localization Challenge for Undergraduate Robotics
   EAAI 2017
[35] Infants Time Their Smiles to Make Their Moms Smile
   with Daniel Messinger and Javier MovellanPLOS ONE 2015
[34] Autonomous Cross-Domain Knowledge Transfer in Lifelong Policy Gradient Reinforcement Learning
   with Haitham Bou Ammar, Eric Eaton, and Jose Marcio LunaIJCAI 2015
[33] Unsupervised Cross-Domain Transfer in Policy Gradient Reinforcement Learning via Manifold Alignment
   with Haitham Bou Ammar, Eric Eaton, and Matthew E. TaylorAAAI 2015
[32] The Android in the Room: Spontaneous Mimicry of a Physically Present Android
   with Galit Hofree, Marian S. Bartlett, and Piotr WinkielmanPLOS ONE 2014
[31] Online Multi-Task Learning for Policy Gradient Methods
   with Haitham Bou Ammar, Eric Eaton, and Matthew TaylorICML 2014
[30] Online Multi-Task Learning via Sparse Dictionary Optimization
   with Eric EatonAAAI 2014
[29] Exploiting Commonality and Interaction Effects in Crowdsourcing Tasks Using Latent Factor Models
   with Jacob Whitehill and Javier MovellanNIPS Workshop on Crowdsourcing: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications 2013
[28] Affective Computing, Emotional Development, and Autism
   with Daniel Messinger, Leticia Lobo Duvivier, Zachary Warren, Mohammad Mahoor, and Jason Baker, Anne Warlaumontin Calvo R. (Ed.), Handbook of Affective Computing. New York: Oxford University Press.
[27] Active Task Selection for Lifelong Machine Learning [code]
   with Eric EatonAAAI 2013
[26] ELLA: An Efficient Lifelong Learning Algorithm [Matlab code, Python code]
   with Eric EatonICML 2013
[25] Online Multi-Task Learning Based on K-SVD
   with Eric EatonICML Workshop on Theoretically Guided Transfer Learning 2013
[24] Scalable Lifelong Learning with Active Task Selection
   with Eric EatonAAAI Spring Symposium on Lifelong Learning 2013
[23] Why are you smiling? In a strategic context, people’s affective responses reflect the meaning of android’s facial expressions.
   with Galit Hofree, Chris Reinert, Marian S. Bartlett, and Piotr WinkielmanIEEE International Conference on Development and Learning and Epigenetic Robotics 2012
[22] A Computational Approach to the Study of Social Interaction
UC San Diego Ph.D. Dissertation 2012
[21] Control by Gradient Collocation: Applications to Optimal Obstacle Avoidance and Minimum Torque Control
   with Tingfan Wu and Javier MovellanIROS 2012
[20] Multi-layer architectures for facial action unit recognition
   with Tingfan Wu, Nicholas Butko, Jacob Whitehill, Marian Bartlett, and Javier MovellanSystems, Man, and Cybernetics (journal) 2012
[19] Collecting a Developmental Dataset of Reaching Behavior: First Steps
   with Tingfan Wu, Juan Artigas, Whitney Mattson, Javier Movellan, and Daniel MessingerIROS Workshop on Cognitive Neuroscience Robots 2011
[18] Rethinking Motor Development and Learning
   with Juan Artigas, Tingfan Wu, Whitney Matson, Daniel Messinger, and Javier MovellanICDL 2011
[17] Are you interested baby? Young infants exhibit stable patterns of attention during interaction
   with Daniel Messinger, Naomi Ekas, and Alan FogelInfacy (journal) 2011
[16] Action Unit Recognition Transfer Across Datasets
   with Tingfan Wu, Nicholas Butko, Jacob Whitehill, Marian Bartlett, and Javier MovellanFace and Gesture Workshops 2011
[15] The motion in emotion -- a CERT based approach to the FERA emotion challenge
   with Gwen Littlewort, Marian Bartlett, Jacob Whitehill, Tingfan Wu, Nicholas Butko, and Javier MovellanFace and Gesture Workshops 2011
[14] Exploiting Structure in Crowdsourcing Tasks via Latent Factor Models
   with Jacob Whitehill and Javier MovellanMPLab Tech Report 2011
[13] Alternatives to Low-Level Synchrony Based Methods for Speech Detection
   with Javier MovellanNIPS 2010
[12] Applying Machine Learning to Infant Interaction: The Development's in the Details
   with Daniel Messinger, Naomi Ekas, and Alan FogelNeural Networks (journal) 2010
[11] A learning approach to hierarchical feature selection and aggregation
   with Ian Fasel and Javier MovellanPattern Recognition Letters (journal) 2010
[10] Approaches and Databases for Online Calibration of Binaural Sound Localization for Robotic Heads
   with Holger Finger, Shih-Chii Lui, and Javier MovellanIROS 2010
[9] Whose Vote Should More: Optimal Integration of Labels from Labelers of Unknown Expertise [code]
   with Jacob Whitehill, Tingfan Wu, Jacob Bergsma, and Javier MovellanNIPS 2009
[8] Infomax Control Approaches for Social Robotics
   with Ian Fasel, Tingfan Wu, and Javier MovellanNIPS Workshops 2009
[7] Learning to Make Facial Expressions
   with Tingfan Wu, Nicholas Butko, Marian Bartlett, and Javier MovellanICDL 2009
[6] Optimization on a Budget: A Reinforcement Learning Approach
   with Ian Fasel and Javier MovellanNIPS 2008
[5] Tuning Optimizers for Time-Constrained Problems using Reinforcement Learning
   with Ian Fasel and Javier MovellanNIPS Workshop on Optimization for Machine Learning 2008
[4] Building a More Effective Teaching Robot via Apprenticeship Learning
   with Jacob Whitehill, Mario Virnes, and Javier MovellanICDL 2008
[3] Automatic Cry Detection in Early Childhood Education Settings
   with Javier MovellanICDL 2008
[2] Auditory Mood Detection for Social and Educational Robots
   with Ian Fasel and Javier MovellanICRA 2008
[1] The RUBI project: a progress report
   with Javier Movellan, Tanaka Fumihide, Ian Fasel, Cynthia Taylor, and Micah EckhardtHRI 2007