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Week 6: Working Memory

This week saw a big change of direction for the project. With the higher capacity working memory model completely debugged, I expected the beginning of this week to be data analysis, before moving on to a bigger, better model. But the results we saw made us reconsider our entire approach to the problem of serial recall phenomena.

The working memory content never surpassed two items, even with the theoretical capacity of four. How did this happen? It was due to the probability of spontaneously forgetting any stimulus. Consider the following situation:

Working Memory: Week 5

I got a head start on this week by finishing up a draft of the code for a model with a higher capacity working memory as well as the ability to forget.

Working Memory: Week 3

This past week I worked on an my implementation of Q-learning, a method of reinforcement learning which converges quickly and does not depend on any knowledge of the environment. I plan to use Q-learning to model working memory, where the agent learns whether to replace or retain the contents of working memory based on past experience.

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