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Blag Week 3: Attacking the Problem

Week 3 saw the first real combat with the software and control problems, and broader computer lab remodeling work. Ten shiny new monitors arrived, and much fun was had playing with setting them up.

Blag Week 2: Define the Machine

“I was born not knowing and have had only a little time to change that here and there.” - Richard Feynman

Having been inspired by Paul Ruvolo’s work with “Diego San”, the three feckless “researchers” set down the path of control theory and trajectory optimization, with an eventual goal of extending the lifelong learning framework to fault-tolerant control.

Blahg Week 1: Enter the Machine....(Learning)

“If learning is the answer, what is the question?” - Yoav Shoham, Kevin Leyton-Brown, Multiagent Systems.

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